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Emergence of New State of Jharkhand endowed with nature's bounty of rich reserves of coal, iron ore copper, bauxite uranium lime stone potential for power generation etc.
The Institute is permanently affiliated to N.C.V.T. (National Council for Vocational Training), Government of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment, Vide DGE&T - 6/34/03/2014 - TC.

About us
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Our Objective

  • To raise a technically skilled and well educated young cadre of artisans to serve the industrial sector.
  • To develop a sense of discipline and environment of professionalism among young artisans.
  • To render the best possible after-sale service to the customers.
  • To provide the placement service for deserving candidates in various organisations.

Main Objective

  • To impart industrial training to young boys and girls to make them self reliant and employment - oriented.
  • To train young people for starting their own enterprise and self employment in the field of Typing, short hand, Handicraft, Fisheries, Poulitries, Dairies ... etc.
  • To impart computer - based training to enable people to get employment.

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